Equipment Repair

Typical annual service of scuba equipment following manufacturer specification includes:

  • Pre-check magnehelic and intermediate pressure to document the regulator baseline

  • Inspection of all hoses and fittings

  • Complete assembly breakdown into individual components

  • Ultrasonic cleaning using manufacturer-recommended solution

  • Thorough component inspection

  • Reassembly of each stage using oxygen-compatible Tribolube® and genuine manufacturer repair kits

  • Submersible pressure gauge check

  • Computer battery change (if applicable)

  • Old/used parts are returned with each service.

  • All work is warranted for 30 days.

  • Every regulator we service is tracked in our database and tested using state-of-the-art digital capture technology.

Equipment Testing

A comprehensive computerized testing and data capture process using state-of-the-art Scuba Instruments systems is conducted including flow-rates, magnehelic, intermediate pressure, and quick-set. First we perform static tests to check cracking effort and intermediate pressure. We follow with an extensive suite of dynamic performance tests of the complete regulator (first and second stage), automatically monitored, recorded and logged to files while the regulator is supplying air at varying flow rates. These dynamic tests are important on modern regulators that utilize venturi assists as part of the overall work of breathing. The service report with every regulator service documents Precision Cracking Effort, Static & Dynamic IP Levels, Demand Effort vs. Flow, and Venturi Performance.

Sample regulator service report for scuba repair

Every regulator serviced includes a complete service report showing before and after condition, along with final computerized breathing test results from our data capture system.

Traveling Equipment Maintenance

We offer on-site annual equipment service to resorts and liveaboard operations. Given the make/model and quantity of regulator sets you need serviced, and a reliable high-pressure air supply, we can travel to you for your equipment service needs and supply all necessary tools, testing equipment, and kits.

Contact us for details.